Friday, 15 January 2016

Digimon Masters Hatching Feature

Digimon Masters Hatching FeatureHatching Digimon is a long process that takes a lot of work and time. Next players need to obtain a mercenary DigiEgg. Certain wild Digimon will drop certain types of Digimon eggs, so if players want a specific Digimon egg they will need to fight specific wild Digimon to obtain it. DigiEggs will then need data which needs to be obtained by fighting specific wild Digimon. Different DigiEggs will require different amounts of data, when inserting data there is a chance for the process to fail, which can cause players to lose the data along with the DigiEgg.

After all the data has been infused into the DigiEgg players then need to find an Incubator. These can be found all over the game world and can be used by double clicking them. This part is all about luck, if the Incubator arrow lands on blue players will Hatch their egg successfully. If the arrow hits red players will lose all the data but they will get to keep the DigiEgg. In the unlikely even the arrow lands in between the two colors then players will be extremely unlucky and will lose their egg along with the data.

If players are feeling lucky they can choose to undergo the Incubator process up to 5 times before Hatching the egg. The more times players do this the stronger and bigger in size their Digimon will become.

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