Sunday, 17 January 2016

Dofus Alignment

Dofus AlignmentBeing part of an Alignment players will have easy access to PVP, but they can only PVP players of different Alignments. There are several Alignments available: Neutral, Bontarian, Brakmarian and the Mercenaries. Players can level up in the Alignment of their choosing by completing quests. Every 20 levels players will achieve a higher rank in their Alignment.

When part of an Alignment players can actively turn on PVP mode and fight other Alignment players who have done the same. By defeating other Alignment players Honor points will be awarded or deducted if players lose, Honor points determine your PVP rank and the PVP rank will determine what rewards you will get. Honor is only gained/lost when fighting players of a similar level. Players can change their Alignment once every 2 weeks for a fee.

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