Sunday, 17 January 2016

Dofus Alliances

Dofus OnlineAn Alliance is a group of guilds bound together in a single Alliance in order to help each other. Being part of the same Alliance guilds can communicate between each other privately and do dungeon runs and hunts together. Alliances can also take control of arenas, Alliance members will gain extra exp and higher drop rates from areas controlled by their Alliance.

Players can only join an Alliance by being invited by the leader of that alliance. If players wish to create their own Alliance they need to possess an Alliagem and head to the Alliance Temple. An Alliance will have its own custom logo that the leader needs to create. Members of an Alliance can all take on roles such as Healer, Undertaker and Sentinel.

Alliances can conquer various areas, by taking part in various PVP battles in order to finally gain control of an area to gain bonus exp and drop rates while fighting there.


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