Sunday, 17 January 2016

Dofus Guilds

Dofus GuildsThe Guild system allows like-minded players to come together and take part in group activities such as dungeons, hunts and quests. The higher the rank of the players within the Guild, the more access they have to different guild features such as Guild Houses, Paddocks and the use of Perceptors.

Players can join a Guild via an invite from a Guild member with the privilege to invite players to their Guild. Players can create their own Guild by acquiring a Guildalogem and visiting the Guild Temple. Then players need to pick a Guild name and customise their Guild Logo.

The number of players a Guild can hold depends on its level. Each Guild has a huge amount of ranks that Guild members will be assigned to, which determines what features of the Guild they can access. The Guild leader can be replaced either by the leader appointing a new one, or if the leader is inactive for a long time, then the highest Guild XP contributor and second in command will be appointed the new leader.

Guilds can also gain XP and eventually level up, this allows Guilds to purchase extra Guild houses, Paddocks and make the Guild's Perceptors stronger. Guild XP comes from Guild member XP contributions which can be set as mandatory by Guild leaders. The XP is gained when players are in combat fighting monsters, a percentage of that XP will be given to the Guild.

Guild members can leave at any time, although Guild leaders need to appoint someone else to leader in order to leave, any inactive members who don't log on for 3 months will also be kicked out of the Guild. Every 10 levels a Guild can purchase Paddocks and Guild houses, Guild members can change their houses to Guild houses and set different rules and restrictions for other Guild members when they visit that house.

For a more detailed overview of the Guild system on Dofus visit:

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