Monday, 18 January 2016

Dofus Kolossium

Dofus KolossiumKolossium is an arena-type PVP mode which will allow players to fight in 3v3 matches. To begin players need to register by either creating a group with 2 other players or coming alone and 2 random players will be matched with you and the group will be matched against 3 opponents. Players need to be level 50+ to enter the Kolossium.

Players will be matched with other players of a similar battle rating. If players win repeatedly their fighting rating will go up and they will be matched with stronger opponents, otherwise if they keep losing their battle rating will fall and they will be matched with weaker opponents. There are no punishments for losing, for example players or their pets won't lose any HP.

The rewards include XP, Kamas and Kolossokens, which vary based on the player's rank. Players will also receive a daily bonus so long as they win at least 1 battle per day.


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