Monday, 18 January 2016

Dofus Pets

Dofus PetsPets on Dofus Online can be obtained in various ways although mainly they can be purchased from the Pet Market. There is a huge amount of Pets players can obtain, the Pets will offer players different stat bonuses when equipped and need to be kept alive by the players.

Keeping Your Pet Alive
All pets will start off with 10HP and for every battle a player loses with the pet equipped the pet's HP will be reduced by 1. The Pet's HP will also drop when it isn't being fed regularly and eventually if a Pet's HP drops to 0 it will die and become a Pet Ghost. Certain Pets don't have HP and cannot die or gain stat boosts, they are hardly considered Pets and more like equipment. Eniripse Powders can restore a Pet's HP.

Pet Raising
It is important to feed Pets regularly and to not overfeed them. If pets are overfed they will become obese, if they are underfed they will be skinny. It is optimal to feed Pets normally in order to gain the additional stat boosts. To revert an obese pet back to normal players need to stop feeding it for a certain amount of turns depending on how overfed it is. Whereas skinny Pets need to be overfed a certain amount of turns.

Reviving Your Pet
When a Pet's HP goes down to 0 it will turn into a Pet Ghost. Resurrection Powder can be exchanged to certain NPCs to have the player's Pet revived. The Resurrection Powder can be obtained from the resource market, treasure hunt chests or by completing the pet sanctuary.

Bow Kennel
If players don't want to feed their Pet for a while they can place it in the Bow Kennel where its hunger wont go down and they can retrieve the Pet back at any time. While the Pet is placed here players will have to pay a fee which increases the longer the Pet is kept there.

Pet Bonuses
If Pets are in normal state(not obese or skinny) and are fed on the normal feeding time they will receive a bonus every third time they are fed. Pets also have a maximum power limit, which limits how many bonus stats they can receive, this is usually 80 but it can be higher. Pet Potions crafted by Alchemists can raise a Pet's max bonuses.

Preferred Areas
Certain Pets will provide higher bonuses in certain areas, each Pet has its own preferred area and players will be notified when their Pet is in a preferred area. The existing Pet bonuses will be increased by a certain percentage when they are in their preferred area

For more details and a list of Pets and their feeding times visit:

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