Monday, 18 January 2016

Dofus Treasure Hunting

Dofus Treasure Hunt
To take part in Treasure Hunting players need to find the Treasure Hunting Machine and then they can take part in a Hunt every 10 minutes. The level of the Hunt cannot be higher than the player's level and the level will determine how good the Treasures will be. Players will have to uncover clues and complete several stages, each stage will require 4-6 clues to be uncovered. There is no time limit for this event and each clue will be on a different map.

Players can get pretty lucky and obtain 2, 4 or even 8 Treasure Chests at the end of a Treasure Hunt. Players will need to defeat the Treasure at the last stage in order to gain the rewards along with an EXP reward based on the level of the Treasure. Players can also obtain a Box of Fragments from Treasure Chests, these hold Map Fragments and when combining a certain amount of these players can create a map to go on a Legendary Treasure Hunt which is twice as long and offers better rewards.

Portal Hunting is similar to Treasure Hunting, the differences include: more clues to collect, Portals only appear after a player completes a Portal Hunt and portals only stay open for 24 hours or until a certain amount of players have completed the Portal Hunt along with various other differences.

For tips and list of Treasures that can be obtained from this event visit:

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