Friday, 22 January 2016

Dragon Pals Blacksmithing

Dragon Pals BlacksmithBy visiting the Blacksmith players can perform various equipment upgrades.

Players can Enchant equipment using an amethyst. To increase their success chance players can use Enchantment stones.

Players can socket gems into equipment as well as remove gems from equipment and reuse them.

Synthesis allows players to Synthesize several weak items into a single superior item via the use of amethyst, the success rate is 100%.

Via the use of an amethyst players can Refine equipment in order to reset stats on it, players can perform this process as many times as they like and even lock certain stats they want to keep and carry on resetting the rest of the stats.

Converting is the process of improving the grade of equipment, thus resulting in better stats.

Equipment that is level 50+ can be Cast in order to try and obtain legendary equipment. Casting requires a certain amount of amethyst.

Equipment can be Evolved in order to raise the stats of it as well as the requirement level to equip it.

Equipment that is grade Green or higher and level 30+ can be Recycled in order to gain Enchantment materials. This process requires amethysts.


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