Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dragon Pals Farms

Dragon Pals FarmsFarming is a feature that allows players to grow various plants, which in turn can gain them large amounts of exp and amethyst. Players can purchase seeds from the Farm shop then plant them and eventually harvest the plants that grow from them. Players can also pray to the harvest goddess to be rewarded.

Farm Shop
Here players can purchase seeds in exchange for amethyst. Higher level farms will allow players to purchase better seeds, which will allow them to gain more rewards from them after they harvest them.

Rare Seeds
Obtained through consecutive log ins or seed box items, these seeds will grow various rare and valuable items such as magic coins, dragon coins and vouchers.

The barn will display all of the player's seeds used for planting in order to make Farming easier for players

Harvest Goddess
Each Farm will have a statue of the harvest goddess which will allow players to pray at the statue once per day thus earning them 1 point of Farm EXP along with 1k amethyst. As players pray at the statue they will gradually fill up the prayer meter, when its full they can collect a large amount of EXP, amethyst and a seed box.

This feature allows players to capture others in order to gain 10% of all their harvests. In order to do so players need to defeat them in combat.

For a list of seeds and more information visit:

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