Friday, 22 January 2016

Dragon Pals Guilds

Dragon Pals Guild systemPlayers can choose to either join Guilds via invites or create their own for 15 gold and 200,000 amethyst.

Guild Wealth
The Guild Wealth is crucial not only for upgrading the Guild but to keep it open. Because each week Guilds need to pay a Guild membership fee. This fee increases when a Guild is upgraded and if it isn't paid the Guild will lose access to features and eventually be disabled. Guild Wealth can also be used for various things besides Upgrading or Guild Fees.

Guild members can increase the Guild Wealth or boost the Guild contribution: by donating gold, amethyst as well as by completing dungeons and events.

Guild Buildings
There are several Buildings that Guilds have access to these include: Guild Shop, Guild Warehouse, Guild Academy and Guild Fort.

Guild Events
  • Guild Temple: Allows players to pray and collect blessed treasures in order to boost the Guild's wealth
  • Guild Battle: Allows two Guilds to battle it out in order to win bravery points which can be exchanged for special items.
  • Holy Lands: Guild members can face off against hordes of monsters in order to earn Guild wealth. 

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