Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Eudemons Online Delivering Logs Feature

Eudemons Online Log DeliveryThis Feature lets players earn potentially endless amounts of gold by Delivering Logs from one location to another. The amount of gold they are awarded is calculated by the amount of gold all players pick up from monster drops in each area. 30% of the picked up gold goes to the kingdom as tax gold which then goes towards the reward for the Log Delivery feature.

The amount of gold players will get for Delivering the Logs will vary in each different area. Players can speak to Grona in Cronus to take part in this feature. Players will need to give her a Violet stone as a training fee to be taught the Delivery skill which is needed for the feature. Players will also need to be at least level 35.

To begin players need to purchase logs from Grona for 100 gold per log. Depending on the player's delivery level they will be able to Deliver more logs with each level, they will start off at level 1 where they can carry up to 1000 logs and after each Delivery players will gain Delivery exp and can level up to a maximum of level 4 and can carry up to 10,000 Logs. Players will have 1 hour to finish the Delivery and need to watch out for robbers along the way.

More details available on the official website: http://eo.99.com/informat/delivery.shtml

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