Friday, 1 January 2016

Eudemons Online Eudemons

Eudemons Online EudemonsEudemons as the name suggests are the most vital part of Eudemons Online. They are the source of every player's power. They are pet companions that enhance the stats of their owner and grow
alongside them.

Players can click on the Eudemon Bag in order to view their Eudemon's stats, level, name, loyalty, Level and various other details. The loyalty needs to be kept at a certain level in order to summon the Eudemon(At least 50), an Eudemon Tear can be purchased to boost an Eudemon's loyalty. The quality determines how good an Eudemon's stats are, qualities include: Weak, Common, Average, Good, Strong, Superior, Silver, Gold, Super 1 star. Each Eudemon comes with its own stats and skills.

Eudemons will start out as eggs, which can either be purchased or looted from monsters. These eggs will be stores in the Eudemon bag. Players can hatch up to 3 eggs at the same time, although they can hatch up to 6 if they complete certain quests. Eudemons can then be evolved at levels 20 and 40 in order to change appearance and gain a boost in stats.

Initially players can summon up to 2 Eudemons at once, although by completing the "Summon 3 Eudemon" quest or using a GodEudemonStone players can summon 3 of them. Players can teach their Eudemons skill by purchasing them from the shop.

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