Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Eudemons Online Family System

Eudemons Online Family SystemA small Family starts out with a husband and wife. A large Family can consist of 6 small Families which totals 12 people. The purpose of being in a family is to gain additional BP and fight alongside each other. Players need to be level 50 and pay 500,000 gold to create their own Family. To join a Family players either need to receive an invitation from a Family leader or have your spouse join which will automatically join you as well.

The Family leader can choose to join another Family and Family members can donate gold which will be added to the Family's funds. The leader can recruit Family members, expel them and give leadership to other players. There is also a bulletin board to post new and other information to other Family members.

The Family leader can choose to upgrade their Family via Restones after the required amount of Family Funds have been accumulated. The higher level of the Family the more BP players will receive. The leader can choose which other Families will be Allies or Enemies. Players can leave the Family if they wish, but their spouse will be removed from the Family as well.


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