Saturday, 9 January 2016

Eudemons Online Family War

Eudemons Online Family WarThis is a PK event between different Families on Eudemons Online in exchange for many valuable rewards to the winners. The event is available everyday(except for Friday and Saturday) between 20:30-20:45. The winning family can occupy one of 20 available lands if they win. The leader gets to choose which map to try and occupy by speaking to the reporter NPC and paying the required challenge fee. At 20:30 all participants will be sent an invitation to enter the battlefield and upon accepting will be teleported there.

There are no PK points earned or death penalties during this event. At 20:45 the remaining Family on each map will become the occupant, if there are is more than one Family still on the battlefield then either the original occupant will win or the Family with the highest BP wins. The winning family will receive 50% of all challenge fees that other families pay to compete for the map.

There are many prizes and exp rewards that vary between family levels and winning streaks in the Family War. Players need to visit the reporter NPC to claim their prizes. Players can also speak to the warren NPC at the market in order to check who are the currant occupants of which maps.

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