Saturday, 9 January 2016

Eudemons Online Legion War

Eudemons Online Legion WarLegion War is a PK even that takes place every Friday between 21:30-23:30. The rewards for this event include Legion War Packs and Exp stones. When this even starts players will be notified and will be able to press the 'Yes' option to be teleported to the map. The objective is to destroy the Pole and the Shield located in the city. When players attack these two statues they will gain contributions for their Legion. The Legion that deals the most damage to the pole once it gets destroyed will occupy it during the next Legion War.

The objective is for the current occupants to defend the pole and shield from all other invaders. The occupants can spend gold to recover the hp of the pole. Each member of the Legion that wins this event will gain rewards based on how high they rank in the Legion.

For a list if rewards and winning conditions visit:

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