Saturday, 2 January 2016

Eudemons Online Legions(Guild system)

Eudemons Online LegionLegions are groups of players that come together to form one powerful entity. This allows players to work and become stronger together. A player can create a legion after reaching level 50 and have 500,000 to fund towards the legion. Players the need to speak to Roy Kenna in Chronus to create their Legion.

The Legion leader has the right to choose up to 5 enemy and 5 ally Legions. Both leaders of the Legions need to agree to become allies, while only one leader of a Legion can choose to become enemies with another one. There are many different ranks within the Legion that the leader can assign other members to. The higher the rank, the more privilages players will get as well as a higher percentage of battle power bonus.

The higher ranking members including the leader of the Legion can also purchase totems, which cost 5 million in Legion funds. Players can then start registering their 5 star+ Eudemons on to the totem. The higher the level of the player the more Eudemons they can register on to the totem. There are many benefits in doing so such as gaining Eudemon contributions which affect the player's rank in the Legion. The top 5 Eudemons registered to the totem will determine the star level of the totem. Totems can even be enchanted to give bonus battle power.

The number of stars on a totem will determine the level of a Legion, which then decides the amount of positions available in the Legion. Players can attain a higher rank in the Legion via contributions which can be done in many ways such as: PK contributions, gold contributions, mentor contributions, Eudemon contributions and EP contributions.

The Legion that wins the Legion War will be given their own special uniform that every member of that Legion can wear. The Uniform differentiates between different ranks but still has a similar visual appearance.

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