Thursday, 7 January 2016

Eudemons Online Lottery

Eudemons Online LotteryThe Lottery is a feature on Eudemons Online that allows players to try and win some rare and valuable prizes. Each player has 20 chances every day to win a prize, each chance costs 28 EPs. This can be done from the Lottery interface by speaking to Toralena located in the market. Players can then click on the crystals on the screen, each crystal determines whether the reward will be exp items, equipment, roses etc.

Alternatively if players aren't happy with what they got from the Lottery they can choose to re-draw which basically allows them to replace their Lottery prize with another attempt, this can be done up to two times but costs 10 EP each time. There is even a Lottery map button players can click on in order to go to an instance with crystals on the floor, and whichever crystal players go to they will be able to gain an item prize corresponding to that crystal in exchange for the 28EP.


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