Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Eudemons Online Mentor/Apprentice Feature

Eudemons Online Mentor and ApprenticePlayers can become Mentors after reaching level 50 and recruit Apprentices. Both the Mentor and the Apprentice will gain various benefits from this feature such as bonus exp and God's blessing. New players can talk to Shelley in Cronus in order to choose a Mentor from a list. Each Mentor can add a personalised message in order to convince players to become their Apprentices.

Another way to find a Mentor is by finding a player fit to be your Mentor in-game and sending them a request. If players leave a Mentor they need to wait 3 days to find a new one and will lose a significant amount of Exp. Players can only choose a Mentor who is a certain amount of levels higher than them. While training with their Mentor, Apprentices will gain an additional 10% exp and a BP boost if their Mentor is online.

A Mentor can speak to Shelly in Cronus in order to seek Apprentices. The benefits of being a Mentor include Exp, Free God's Blessing and Eudemon evolve chances. Mentors can gain Apprentices the same way as Apprentices can gain Mentors, either through Shelly or by meeting someone in-game. A Mentor will start off at level 1, but can level their way up to 10 by meeting their character level requirements and gaining Mentor Exp. The level determines how many Apprentices they can have.

If a Mentor chooses to expel an Apprentice their Mentor Exp will be deducted by 50.

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