Sunday, 10 January 2016

Eudemons Online Number Guessing Event

Eudemons Online number guessing eventThis event is available on every 4th and 5th Sunday of each month between 20:00-22:00 and 20:00-24:00. Players are required to be level 30+ to access this feature. Players first need to claim a Guess Note from Mills at the Market. She will then send players to the Labyrinth where they will need to collect cards dropped by monsters.

Players will then need to submit the number cards they obtained to the specialists, each of which will select a random number from 0 to 10 and if the number on the card that players present matches their number, players will be awarded with coupons. The first player to submit all 10 numbers will win 400 coupons. Players can then exchange the coupons for various prizes.

For more details on the event visit the official website:

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