Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Eudemons Online Trading Protection

Eudemons Online Trade Partnership
This is a feature in place to prevent players on Eudemons Online from losing valuable items to scams and hacks. Players below level 70 will have many trade restrictions such as not being allowed to trade Eudemons above a certain amount of stars and trade equipment 30 levels higher than them. They won't be able to drop any items worth a certain amount. Also if items are traded at a price that is considered very unreasonable it will be marked as stolen and players will be able to retrieve that item.

Players can also establish long-term business partners by sending players you trust requests to become business partners. This process will take 3 days to be finalised and players can have up to 10 business partners. The purpose of having a business partner is to be able to trade with them without any restrictions.

Source: http://eo.99.com/informat/partners.shtml

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