Thursday, 7 January 2016

Eudemons Online World PK

Eudemons Online PKPking is a large part of Eudemons Online, especially since players can PK anywhere outside towns. Players can change their PK mode which determines who they can and can't attack. Players will gain PK points if they kill other players, these points will slowly decrease but if they reach 100 the player's name will turn black and they will be wanted by other players.

The amount PK points players have will determine what they will drop upon death, the more PK points a player has the more that player will lose when they die, black players would drop all unbound items. Black name players will also be put in prison and won't be allowed out until their PK points are below 100. Players can bribe the guards to be left out of the prison, the higher their PK points the more it will cost to bribe them.

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