Wednesday, 20 January 2016

MechWarrior Online Game Modes

MechWarrior Online Game ModesMechWarrior Online contains several different Game Modes, a lot of which require more than just personal skill to excel, they require tactics and team communication to come out on top.

In this game mode the team of players who collect the most amount of resources will win the game, either they collect 750 resources first or they collect more resources than their opponents before the time expires. Another alternative is to annihilate the entire enemy team.

Assault Mode is a flag capture Mode where players need to take the opponents flag from their base to secure a win. Alternatively annihilation of the enemy team is also a win.

This Mode is purely to destroy the enemy team in order to win.

In this Mode teams will be divided into attackers and defenders. The attackers need to destroy the Space Defense System, while the defenders need to prevent them from doing so. Alternatively if either team is completely destroyed the other team wins.

Invasion Counter attack
Again players will be put into teams of attackers and defenders. Although this time the attackers need to destroy the defenders themselves to win along with their mobile base. The defenders need to purely survive or destroy the attackers to win.


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