Thursday, 21 January 2016

Microvolts Surge Game Modes

Microvolts Suge Game ModesMicrovolts Surge has a huge range of Game Modes that players can take part in. Certain Game Modes are only available on certain Game maps.

Team Death Match
Here wwo groups of players will face off against each other and the best team will win.

Free for All
This Mode requires each player to fight for themselves against other individuals.

Item Match
The rules are just like Team Death Match, except whenever players kill a player a random item will drop, which will give players various buffs and effects.

Capture the Battery
In this Game Mode players will be put into two teams and they will be required to capture the opposing team's battery from their base in order to get points.

Close Combat
This Mode restricts players to only using melee weapons.

Elimination Mode means players who die in this mode don't respawn until the round is over, the objective is to eliminate all enemies and survive the round.

Zombie Mode
Random players will be infected each round and their objective will be to infect others, while the rest of the players will need to survive and avoid being infected.

Arms Race
In this Mode every time players get a point their weapon will change and will stay the same until another point is gained, first person to 20 points will win the round.

This Mode is a single player Mode where players need to survive waves of monsters.

In this Mode two teams will have a team HP bar, the objective is to deplete the opposing team's HP by attacking the enemy team players in order to win.

Bomb Battle
In this Mode players are separated into defense and offense teams. The defending team needs to prevent the offense team from planting a bomb in one of two bases. If a bomb gets planted, its up to the defense team to defuse it in order to win.


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