Saturday, 23 January 2016

Onigiri Online Magatama

Onigiri MagatamasIn this MMORPGs players will use Magatama instead of armor. Players can hold up to 4 Magatamas, these will offer players various buffs. To equip a Magatama players need Chakra and to meet the level requirement of it. There are four different types of Magatamas that can be equiped: Defense, Elemental, Weapon Affinity and Skill Force. Each one raises a particular set of stats.

Magatamas can be obtained from monster drops, quest rewards, NPC shops and can even be crafted. The type of monsters players fight will determine the types of Magatamas they drop. Magatama have different purities and grades, the purity determines the strongest ornamentation a Magatama can receive while the grade affects the base physical and magical defenses of it.

As players increase their friendship with Kaguya they will be able to perform Ornamentation on Magatamas, this allows players to give them additional stats on top of the existing stats.

For more Details on Magatama and a list of ones players can obtain visit:

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