Saturday, 23 January 2016

Onigiri Online Partner system and pets

Onigiri Online Partners and PetsPlayers on Onigiri will have NPC travelling alongside them and assisting them in battles, these NPCs are called Partners and their stats and abilities grow as the player's friendship with that Partner grows. In additional players will gain pets, with allocatable stat points and skills that can be learnt. Players can choose to summon Partners to fight alongside them and players can choose from up to 8 Partners to assist them. Each Partner has a backstory too, of which players will find out more after they strengthen their relationship with them.

Affection system
This is where players boost their affection with their Partners. This is done by giving Partners certain items, these items can be found throughout the game, gained from quests or purchased from the shop. Each Partner will prefer certain items more than others, this will increase the Affection EXP gained meaning they will increase their friendship with the player faster. There is a total of 8 Partners along with 1 Guest Partner

Special Partners and Vanguard Swap
These Partners need to be summoned via summoning scrolls unlike the normal Partners. The reason they are special is because they can activate the Vanguard Swap. This means players can swap places with these Partners, assuming they have filled up the special bar underneath the Partners HP by fighting monsters.

After the swap players will swap places with that Partner and obtain the Partner's skills along with additional stat bonuses, mobility moves, different combos and more. If players die while in Vanguard Swap they will be forced swapped back to their normal character. Special Partners can also form friendships with players, although players need to give them weapons instead of friendship items to increase their friendship.

Players can obtain their first Pet by completing the quest line for it, then they can summon their Pet. Players also have a rare chance to obtain a different color Pet. Each Pet will have 5 different personality types which are decided upon summoning. Pets also have 5 primary stats which are also determined upon summoning.

Players can level their Pets up in order to boost their stats as well as gain skill points used to teach them new skills. Every Pet will have a set of skills and stats which are all randomly determined when they are summoned.

For Additional Details on different types of Partners, Pets and details about them visit:

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