Saturday, 23 January 2016

Onigiri Online Weapon Enhancements and Smelting

Onigiri Online Enhancements and SmeltingWeapon Enhancement
By speaking to their Partner Yoshitsune players can sacrifice unneeded Weapons in order to Enhance their main Weapon. The Enhancement that the Weapon gets depends on the Weapon being sacrificed, such as its level, Enhancements and rarity.

After players enhance weapons up to 10 levels they can then choose to Smelt them. This will allow players to enhance the weapon from 1 to 10 again. Players will need another Weapon of the same name in order to sacrifice it and perform the Smelting process. Smelting will give the weapon additional stats such as attack speed, skill force and damage.

At 60+ total Enhancements Weapons may break during Smelting if the process fails, although protective items can be used to prevent this. The max Enhancement for Weapons is 100. The cost of Smelting varies based on the Weapon rarity. Yoshitsune's level also determines the success rate of Smelting.

For a list of Smelting bonuses visit:

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