Saturday, 16 January 2016

Rise of Mythos Alchemy Lab

Rise of Mythos Alchemy LabAt the Alchemy Lab players can combine extract and fuse cards. The success rate and the quality of the results depend on the level of the Alchemy Lab.

Combining cards
By combining cards of the same name and rank players can obtain higher rank cards. Players can even use more cards of the same type along with more silver to increase their chances of successful combinations. The higher the Alchemy Lab the higher rank cards players can combine. If a combination fails the cards will be broken down into card materials.

Extracting cards will allow players to break them down into materials that can later be used to create other cards.

Fusing is the process of creating cards using materials obtained from card extractions and failed combinations. Upgrading the Alchemy Lab will allow players to gain higher quality card recipes which are necessary for creating cards as well as additional fuse slots.


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