Saturday, 16 January 2016

Rise of Mythos Blacksmith

Rise of Mythos BlacksmithingPlayers can Enchant and combine their character's equipment at the Blacksmith building. Upgrading the Blacksmith will increase the chances of successful enchanting and equipment combining.

Players can use gems to enchant their gear in order to make it stronger. Players can use up to three gems at a time in order to increase the chances of success. Failure can result in the Equipment downgrading but players can spend gold to prevent the downgrade from happening. There are several different gems available, each of which are needed at different stages of item enchanting.

By selecting two pieces of equipment of the same type and level players can combine them to obtain an even more powerful piece of equipment. Players can use up to four pieces of the same equipment in this process to increase their chances of success. Failure will result in players losing all but one of the equipment pieces used in the process. Whereas if players succeed in combining equipment all but one equipment piece will be consumed and the remaining one will be improved significantly.

For a list of Gems and success rates visit:

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