Friday, 15 January 2016

Rise of Mythos Card system

Rise of Mythos Card systemBattles on Rise of Mythos come in the form of Card battles, players can create their own deck of Cards and battle various enemies. The rarity of a Card determines how good that card is considered to be, there are several rarities ranging from common to godlike Cards. Every Card will have a cooldown timer which determines how many turns it will take before that Card can be used.

Each Card will have its own attack, damage type, life and special abilities. Skill Cards can only be used by specific classes and offer special effects rather than summon creatures with hp and attack. creature Cards are the opposite of skill Cards and summon various creatures with stats on to the battlefield.

As players collect more Cards they will gain various rewards for collecting a certain amount of them. Cards can be obtained from quests, challenges, purchased from other players or gained from booster packs.

For a list of Creature Abilities and other information visit:

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