Saturday, 23 January 2016

Rumble Fighter Game Modes

Rumble Fighter Game ModesThere are many different Game Modes on Rumble Fighter where players need to focus on objectives and various rules in order to beat their opponents opposed to simply having the most kills.

King of the Hill
This Game Mode will require players to stay on the highest ground on the map, if there is more than one player at the highest point of the map then the first player who arrived there will get the points, unless that player gets killed then the next in line player will get points.

Moving Screen
Players will begin at the bottom of the map and will be required to move up via various means in order to stay in the Game, because the screen will move up and any players who can't keep up will lose. Players can use this to their advantage as they can kick other players off to make them lose.

Caged Beast
This is a team PVP Mode, although at the start players will fight in 1v1 battles until one player loses. While the two players fight the rest will be locked up in cages, when one player from one of the teams loses then another player from their team will be released from the cage to take over and carry on fighting. After 60 seconds all players will be released and fight it out in a team vs team battle.

Potion Battle
The objective of this Mode is to drink potions, there will be plenty of potions scattered across the map and whenever players pick up and drink them they will be vulnerable to attacks. Players who drink the most potions will win.

To win in this Mode players need to knock players off the map to score kills, players or teams who score the first 12 kills will win.

Boss Mode
Players can play this Mode solo or in teams. The objective is to survive waves of monsters and eventually beat the Boss before the time expires.

Zombie Mode
This is a solo Mode where players need to fend off against zombies for as long as they can until the time runs out.

Survival Mode
Here players need to defeat NPCs in order to complete the Game Mode. Players level 15+ who complete this mode at least 3 times will gain a special skill.


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