Thursday, 28 January 2016

Scions of Fate Pet system

Scions of Fate PetsPlayers can purchase Pet eggs from the premium shop or bought from other players on Scions of Fate. By opening eggs players will gain summoning charms used to summon Pets. A player needs to make sure their Pet's loyalty stays above a certain amount. In order to summon a Pet players need to complete a specific quest first.

Players can summon their Pets at any time, although they should keep in mind that if they unsummon a Pet its loyalty will be reduced by 10 each time. Loyalty is important because if it drops below a certain amount of points the Pets stats and EXP gain will drop, alternatively high loyalty will boost those stats and the EXP gain. Loyalty drops naturally over time, players need to make sure to feed their Pets to raise it.

If a Pet's loyalty drops to a critical level it will be unusable. a 'Fallen Blossom' must be used to restore a Pet from this state. Players can decide how much EXP they want to distribute to their Pets while leveling via the EXP slider. Players should also keep in mind that Pets need to be within a close level range of the character in order to keep leveling. Pets can also be promoted which will boost their stats as well as give them additional functions.


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