Thursday, 28 January 2016

Serenia Fantasy Spirit Transformation system

Serenia Fantasy Spirit TransformationSpirits are items that players can use in order to transform their characters into monsters and boost their stats, Spirits also allow players to gain special skills. To obtain a Spirit players need to defeat elite and boss monsters and obtain an egg from them. Players then need to double click the egg in order to hatch the Spirit and feed it in order to level it up and gain talent skills.

Spirits will grow as players gain EXP, the Spirits soul level can also be increased by absorbing souls. The stats a Spirit will gain depends on the Spirit's ATP. Players can even refresh a Spirit's ATP via a Spirit refine Gem in order to try and get better ATP for more stats.

Players can choose to combine two Spirits together in order to gain bonus stats. Spirits will come with their own skills, each one can have up to three skills. Skills come in the form of skill cards and need to be dragged into skill slots to be active.


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