Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Apparel Fusinon

Tales of Pirates 2 Apparel FusionApparel Fusion allows players to obtain new outfits by fusing Apparel purchased from the item mall with their equipment. To perform this process players need a Fusion Scroll, Fusion Catalyst, Apparel and a piece of equipment. Then players need to speak to the Shaitan blacksmith and provide him with the materials and he will fuse them.

This process has a 100% success rate, with the prices being 1k for each level of the piece of equipment (for example level 40 equipment would cost 40k). After the process all items will be replaced with the Apparel which will retain all the stats of the piece of equipment used in the process.

Source: http://top2.igg.com/expansion/forging/apparel_fusing.php

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