Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Corsairs(Sailing system)

Tales of Pirates 2 Corsair systemPlayers can purchase a Ship in order to Sail across the ocean, search for treasures, take part in sea commerce and fight against powerful sea monsters.

Obtaining a Ship
First players need to reach level 15 and visit one of the Corsair builders in one of the main cities. Players can then select the type of Ship they wish to purchase and even go over and change the details such as the engine, cannons and other features in order to alter the attributes of the Ship to their liking. Each harbor offers different Ships and each Ship has a character level requirement.

Ship Management
Players can set Sail at any point by visiting the harbour and selecting the Ship they wish to sail with. Players can fire from their Ships to defend or attack as well as dock at various harbors throughout the ocean, they can also repair and refuel at harbors. Ships can even gain exp by either battling or sailing and can eventually be upgraded via Corsair builders.

Sinking and Salvage
Ships can sink if their durability falls to 0, which can happen whenever a Ship runs out of fuel. If a player's Ship sinks they can choose to salvage back their items or choose a harbor operator to salvage it for them in exchange for 1000 gold.

For more details and tips on the Corsairs feature visit: http://top2.igg.com/expansion/corsair/index.php

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