Monday, 11 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Guild system

Tales of Pirates 2 Guild systemPlayers can create their own Guild on Tales of Pirates 2 so long as they meet the requirements. To create a Guild players need to be level 40, have 100,000 gold and obtain a Stone of Oath. If players want to join a Guild they can visit the NPC Pirate Informer Gewas for a list of Guilds and information about each one. Here players can choose to apply for any Guild of their choice and if the leader of that Guild accepts, players will become members.

To join a Navy Guild requires extra work, players will need to acquire a Navy Recruitment Letter and bring it to certain NPCs and only then will players be allowed to choose a Guild to apply to. The leader of the Guild has the option to recruit and kick new members as well as even disband the Guild.

Every weekend Guilds can take part in Guild wars, a Guild war needs to be initiated by the Guild leaders. The Guilds will need to bid in order for a place in the challenge, with the highest bidding Guilds will be taking part in the event. The winning Guilds will receive a percentage of all the bids placed by other Guilds. The winning Guilds will also act as the defending Guilds against other challenger Guilds.

Each Guild can have up to 80 participating members in the Guild wars. During the Guild wars one Guild will need to destroy the opponents base within 2 hours otherwise it will end in a draw. Both Guilds will have low level cannons to defend their bases. Players can acquire potions to gain various bonuses and collect wood to repair buildings and cannons. Guilds that rank in the top 3 in the Guilds wars will receive extra benefits.


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