Monday, 11 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Lifeskill system

Tales of Pirates 2 Life SkillsLifeskills are non-combat skills that allow players to create items, make money and take part in other non-combat aspects of the game.

After learning the Woodcutting skill players can purchase a Golden axe and start cutting down trees in order to obtain wood. Different types of trees require different Woodcutting levels, therefore players need to chop down tress that correspond to their level. When players gather enough wood they can use it to repair ships.

Players can purchase a metal pickaxe from a blacksmith and after learning the Mining skill they can take part in Mining ore. Ores require certain Mining levels to be Mined and therefore players can only Mine ore that corresponds to their level as well.

There are many different Fishing areas with various different fish that can be caught. Players need to purchase the required Fishing devices to begin. Different fish require different Fishing levels to be caught. Players need to complete certain quests to be able to catch some of the fish. The fish that players catch can be used as food supply for ships, thus allowing players to travel longer around the sea by stocking up on food.

After learning the Salvage skill players can begin searching for sunken ships and Salvage them for various rewards. These rewards usually include general local items but there is always a chance to obtain some rare treasure.

Setting a Stall
Players who learn the Set Stall skill can make their own Stall among other players and place whichever items they wish up for sale, as well as add a message to attract potential buyers. There are 3 levels of Stalls, the higher the level the more items can be placed up for sale.

During guild wars players can Repair cannons and buildings in order to assist their side. Although the Repair Life skill doesn't produce any materials it plays a vital role and make a big difference in battle.

To take part in Manufacturing players need a minimum of level 1 in Woodcutting and Manufacturing, a fairy with the Manufacturing skill and a Black Hole Crystal. Players can then create items from Blueprints obtained at the Substance Generator in Shaitan. This allows players to create items useful in PVP, ships and more.

Players need a fairy with the Cooking skill in order to create pots that restore HP and SP. Player will also require a Crystal Cauldron as well as at least level 1 in Cooking and Fishing.

Players who have an Antimatter Crystal, level 1 in Crafting and Mining as well as a fairy with  Crafting can create items such as rings and necklaces.

Finally players with a Particle Crystal, Fairy with Analyse and level 1 in Analyse and Salvaging can redeem various items in order to gamble and try to obtain different items.


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