Monday, 11 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Marriage System

Tales of Pirates 2 Marriage systemPlayers can marry their special someone by speaking to the priest NPC located in Argent City. Both players need to be in the same team, have 10 million, purchase Valentine's Day Ring and wear wedding outfits. After meeting these requirements players will obtain a Marriage certificate from the priest. Players then need to visit the church NPC Maylada to book the wedding time at the church and obtain the tickets along with the invitations. Each Church Ticket costs 5,000 gold.

Players can invite guests to their wedding by giving them invitation cards. The Married couple can obtain the Love Line skill by speaking to the Magician Chiatan NPC at the church. This skill allows them to find each other on the map easily.

For more details on the Marriage system and the wedding visit:,43

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