Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Pets

Tales of Pirates 2 PetsPlayers can have up to 10 different types of Pets on Tales of Pirates 2. Players can obtain Pets via quests of item mall. When Pets are equipped their stamina will be slowly depleted, if their stamina reaches 0 they will no longer be usable until players feed them. So long as the Pet's owner is online it will gain exp, after the Pet's exp reaches maximum it can be fed energy foods in order to boost its level and gain additional attributes. Different energy foods will boost different attributes.

Pets can learn a maximum of 3 skills, which can be learnt from scrolls and skill books. There is also a chance that when the Pet learns a new skill it might overwrite an existing skill. Skills have different grades, the higher the grade the better effects of that skill.

Additional details on Pets can be found on the website:,36

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