Monday, 11 January 2016

Tales of Pirates 2 Production system

Production system comes in three parts: Manufacturing, Cooking and Crafting. Players require Blueprints to produce items. Players can obtain several different types of blueprints and when revealed can teach players how to produce a certain item. Better quality blueprints can open up higher level blueprints that players can use to Produce items.

The materials needed for Production can be obtained via the gathering life skills such as mining, woodcutting or killing monsters and purchasing them from vendor NPCs. Players require Production tools to produce items, the tools will diminish each time they are used.

Manufacturing allows players to convert what are sometimes considered useless items into useful PVP items, Crafting lets players craft high quality equipment and Cooking will award players with hp recovery as well as stat boosts.

For details on how to perform Production skills visit:,45

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