Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tales of Pirates Nightmare Argent PVP

Tales of Pirates Nightmare ArgentThe Nightmare Argent City is a PVP and PVE area where players can fight amongst each other and against monsters at the same time. The entrance portal to this area opens up for 45 minutes and the map closes after 55 minutes. The Portal opens twice a day at 4pm and 10pm EST. To enter the area players need a Nightmare Argent City Ticket *1, level 75+ character, 50,000 gold and a Medal of Valor.

Once inside players who kill other players with levels higher than them will be awarded with Nightmare points, while players killed by lower level players will lose Nightmare points. Players will be ranked and rewarded based on their Nightmare points. Players who survive for the entire duration of the Nightmare Argent City will receive gold split among all the surviving players.

As time passes various monsters and chests will keep spawning, both dropping and containing valuable items.  Here players can obtain the Nightmare Demonic Set, which can be exchanged from Nightmare Fragments that are obtained by killing monsters. While players are in the Nightmare Argent City area their names will not be displayed.

For more details visit: http://top2.igg.com/guide/?cat_id=11,122

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