Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Iruna Online Gardening

Iruna Online GardeningTo take part in this feature players need to purchase Planters from the item shop. Players then need to obtain plant seeds, which can be harvested in Sofya Outskirts off of Pallone. These seeds can then be changed into different types of seeds of player's choosing via alchemy.

After planting the seeds they will grow into one of three different types of plants: leaf, flower and mushroom. Some of these plants wont disappear after being harvested and will only disappear after players have harvested them multiple times. Each type of plant will have a certain amount of time they need to grow until they can be harvested, players can also water their plants at 17:00 PDT each day.

For a list of plants visit: http://iruna-online.weebly.com/gardening.html

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