Saturday, 13 February 2016

Seal Online Couple System

Seal Online Couple systemPlayers of opposite genders can engage in a relationship and gain a variety of benefits in doing so. Players who are in a relationship will have a heart icon on their screens, this indicates whether their partner is online or not by lighting up or turning grey.

Another huge benefit of being in a relationship is that Couples will receive rewards based on how long they both stay online at the same time. Every 20 minutes online will count as 1 relationship day, after achieving a certain amount of days players will gain rewards such as roses, outfits, fireworks and Couple seats.

The break up has a unique twist to it. Breaking up will cost the player who is trying to do the break up. The cost will be determined by the amount of relationship days the Couple has been together (1,000 per relationship day). The real twist is that the amount paid will actually be sent to the player who is being broken up with.


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