Sunday, 14 February 2016

Seal Online Pets

Seal Online PetsPets on Seal Online can be equipped to give the player additional stats and can even be evolved. Pet evolution is not guaranteed to be successful and it requires certain items to performed. Pets can even be used to access the bank from any place on the map. After a certain stage Pets can be used as Mounts too.

Pet Eggs
There are four different types of Pet Eggs, each one contains different kinds of Pets. Some Pet Eggs will contain more rare Pets than others, these Pets may be more expensive to upkeep too as they need to be fed food that is harder to obtain. Players can have multiple Pets but only one can be equipped at a time, also when Pets reach certain levels they can be evolved by bringing them to a Pet trainer. Eggs can be obtained from quests or monster drops.

Pet Feeding
Pets will tell their owners when they're hungry and what food they want to eat. If players don't have the food the Pet is asking for they can feed them other Pet foods, although it won't reduce the Pet's hunger by as much. If Pets get completely starved they will either run away or die. Feeding Pets will also grant them EXP. Players can also check the Pet's status and play with it in order to increase its mood.

For more details on feeding Pets and the EXP required to level them visit:

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