Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Serenia Fantasy Guilds

Serenia Fantasy Guild systemPlayers can either join or create their own Guild in order to be part of a community where players can fight together as well as help each other out. Players who want to join a Guild need to do so at a Guild's interface. If players wish to create their own Guild they need to be at least level 20 and pay 300,000 gold.

Each Guild has different ranks; leader, vice leader, officer and member. Ranks determine how much access players have to the Guild's features. The top 3 ranks have a limit to how many players can be assigned to them. Guilds can also level up via Guild wealth and resources that can be obtained from quests and other means.

Guild creation: http://sf.koramgame.com/2012/0601/article_67.html
Guild Management: http://sf.koramgame.com/2012/0601/article_68.html

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