Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Spirit Tales Duels and Arena PVP

Spirit Tales PVP ArenaIn order to engage in PVP players need to send Duel requests to other players, if the request is accepted then the two players can start fighting. In addition players can take part in the 5v5 Arena every day.

Players can register for the Arena by clicking the sword icon on their interface. Then they can queue up for it to get matched with others. Every round of Arena lasts 10 minutes and the first group to win 3 games in a row will win the match. The winners of each round will be the ones who defeat all of the opposing team's players or the team with the most players, if both teams have the same number of players at the end of the round then other factors will be taken into consideration.

If players leave while in the queue for the Arena then they can do so without consequences. Although if players choose to leave while they are inside the Arena they will receive the Coward buff which will last 30 minutes and players won't be able to enter the Arena during that time. The teams that win all 3 rounds will receive 4 Twilight Tokens to purchase compound recipes and potions.

Source: http://st.koramgame.com/gameinfo/advancedguide/

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