Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Tales of Solaris Pets

Tales of Solaris PetsPets can be used as battle partners. If players wish to they can choose to release their Pets at any point to gain more space for new Pets. Pets can be enhanced and can even participate in the Colosseum event. These Pets can come in different grades which determine their quality and stats, which are indicated by their colors. In addition Pets come in different categories: animal, plant, machinery, dragon, doll and elf.

Pets come with many different stats and abilities that determine their usefulness and roles on the battlefield. There are also a large variety of skills that Pets can gain. Pets can be obtained through various means such as capturing them or obtaining them from dungeons and events. Players have a chance to obtain a Pet while encountering wild monsters and attempting to catch them. After clearing dungeons players can flip cards for a chance to gain boss pets. Finally dragon Pet eggs can be obtained from the Ancient Forbidden Path.

Pets can be upgraded through synthesis, star upgrade, talent boosts and other means, this can be accessed via the 'Boost' button located on the player's interface. Synthesizing a Pet allows players to combine Pets in order to increase their quality grade. Players can use skill books to teach Pets skills to use in battle, these skills can also be upgraded to improve its effectiveness. Players can even transfer abilities from one Pet to another via Pet inheritance 

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